It is one of the most meaningful yet haunting words in the English language – home.

It has consonants and vowels, just like any other word. Yet it has the uncanny ability of conjuring up strong images of warmth and happiness, or images of emptiness and longing. Home is for some a loving place enjoyed, for others a dream longed for but never fully realized.

We use the word home to speak of many different things. It is a synonym for habitation or house, the fixed residence where we hang our hat. It is also used as a statement of origins, as in, “the South is the home of grits.” In baseball the goal is to make it to home plate. In golf, the last nine holes are referred to as the homeward half.

Yet, the word home means even more. When we say, “he is at home with computers,” we mean this is where he has found his niche, the place where he functions at his very best and can accomplish the most. To be at home is to be in your element.

Thus, home is about belonging, and for all human beings the place where we belong is with God. I hope you are at home with a living faith in God through His Son, Christ Jesus.

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