Why Birds Must Fly

Complete autonomy and independence is lunacy.  Here’s why. To be completely autonomous and independent means to be disconnected, and to be disconnected is to die.

Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches…” (John 15). He then goes on to talk about the essential nature of our being connected to him. Meaning, freedom and joy are found in accepting that we are a branch, He is the vine, and in connection to the vine.  This is how we find and fulfill our purpose.

A bird was made to fly. In flying a bird finds meaning, freedom and joy.  A bird can walk, and at times needs to walk, but it does not fulfill its purpose by walking.  A bird is made to fly.

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous for a bird to say, “I don’t want these wings any more – I’m really not a bird. I’m really a squirrel trapped inside a bird’s body. Let me walk on four feet! I cannot be happy, find meaning, freedom or joy until I can climb a tree and run out on a limb.”

Seeking an alternate reality disconnects the bird from its created purpose. It was made to fly. Whatever prevents it from flying diminishes meaning, limits freedom and robs joy.

The same is true of us.  We are made to love and worship God – to be connected with him.  Anything that limits or cuts that connection diminishes meaning, limits freedom and robs joy. Thus, it is in our connection to God and our acceptance of how God gifted us – not in autonomy from God in pursuit of some alternate reality – that we find meaning, freedom and joy.

Yet so many people seek to disconnect from God and from how God gifted them?  Why?

The answer is simple.  When we disconnect from God we get to play god, and we like that.  It gives us pseudo feelings of purpose, the illusion of freedom, and an imitation of joy.  When we play God we can pretend we do not see God, even though the evidence of Him is plain before our eyes. With God out of the picture, we can construct reality as we see fit. But in the end we become prisoners of our own delusions, and never find meaning, freedom and joy.

Thus, the best state of being for any of us is to accept of His gifts and be connected with God in Jesus Christ.  Autonomy and independence are illusions. Real freedom is found in Christ.

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