The Weight of My Love

St. Augustine declared, “My weight is my love. Wherever I am carried, my love is carrying me.”

What Augustine meant was that those things we are passionate about – be it a person, possessions or a sport – orient our lives. They have a sort of gravitational pull; directing us toward locations where these loves are most prevalent.

Some loves weight a person down. They restrict movement, limit potential and create drag. Unworthy loves pulls one inexorably toward inferior things. For example, absorption with material things locks a person in the room of materialism. The hoarder, thus weighted down with possessions, can’t get out.

Other loves expand possibilities and create opportunities. Rather than causing drag that pulls downward, they are like a sail, catching the wind and driving forward with energy and excitement, onward and upward toward superior things. Commitment to serving others offers spectacular new vistas everyday.

That is the question we must ask of our loves – do they create drag, or do they create energy? Where is your love carrying you?


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