Faithful Living in Preparation of His Return

American conspiracy theorist David Meade predicted that on April 23, 2018 the sun, moon and Jupiter will align in the constellation Virgo, sparking the beginning of the biblical Rapture. He claimed that on this night a mysterious death planet be called “Nibiru” will appear in the sky, triggering the onset of World War III, the rise of the Antichrist, and seven years of tribulation.

Well, David Meade has made other predictions, and he has been flat wrong each and every time.  The fact that we are still here proves it.

These reckless predictions of the apocalypse challenge the integrity of the Gospel.  They make it ever more difficult to present a credible witness to this culture. Also, such recklessness spiritually endangers modern people. It encourages the thinking that death is something far off, and far away.

Events of recent days remind the faithful otherwise. The tragic shooting the other morning at a Waffle House near Nashville reminds us that no place in the world is truly safe.

The van driver in Toronto who ran over and killed ten persons while injuring many others reminds us that no city is safe from terrorism.

The nearly one thousand people who gathered to mourn Jennifer Riordan, who died after her Southwest Airlines plane blew an engine in midair last Tuesday, reminds that no mode of transportation is without risk.

The truth is, every day’s news brings new evidence that we should prepare for eternity now – today!

Early Christians were not hesitant to say, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus,” and lived as if it would be tomorrow.  Those living faithful in the 21st century should do likewise.

C. S. Lewis notes that a typical Christian in our affluent culture feels that he is ‘finding his place in (the world),’ while the reality is, the world is finding its place in him. His point: it is dangerous to become too comfortable in this world, especially if you consider the fact that eternity could begin today.

What is your emotional response to that reality: excitement that you would see Jesus, or fear that you’re not ready? Do you have sin to confess? Relationships to mend? Are you doing what you would be doing if you knew this to be your last day on earth?

To live faithfully is to live in preparation. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


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  1. I’m excited!


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